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St Philip’s Kindergarten provides freshly made meals for the children throughout the day.  Food is cooked on site by  trained staff and we aim to cater for 50 percent of the children's daily nutritional requirements. We have a rotating 4 weekly menu for summer and winter. Special diet requirements are discussed with the individual families, on most occasions families are required to supply alternative foods.


Nappies and Toilet Training

St Philip’s Kindergarten does not provide nappies for children. St Philip’s Kindergarten will guide and work closely with parents when their child is ready for toilet training, parents are required to provide adequate changes of and clothing and nappies for their child.  

Sleep Time

St Philip’s Kindergarten provides the opportunity for children to sleep in the afternoon if required. Staff work closely with families to try and meet their child’s individual sleep needs. Each child is provided with a stretcher, and bedding and is laundered by the Kindergarten. Quiet music is played providing a relaxing atmosphere for the children.      

National Quality Rating and Assessment

In January 2012 the National Quality Framework (NQF) was introduced Australia wide. The St Philip’s Kindergarten Quality Improvement Plan was submitted in December 2015. The Kindergarten underwent the assessment process in January 2016 receiving a Notice of Final Ratings in March 2016 of Meeting National Quality Standards. Information on the National Quality Framework can be found at


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